Friday Night Poetry Corner #64

Greetings everyone!   Welcome again to another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This time I will present one of my works.  It is a new poem; like 15 minutes new.  The name of this joint is called “I look as my mind turns away..”

A surreal poem but with logical prints all over it.

Enough writing, enjoy and comments are much welcome :o)

SarahBooktechcover22 copy


I look as my mind turns away..
(Sarah’s Plight)



To cry a freedom,
realizing thought and time are one.

Conceptional imagination makes dreams
wonders for realization of thought.

A line, very thin or remarkable dark sin
window between madness and normalcy
engulf all of us
including me
the forever spring.
I would beg for absent of oppression
by destroying the oppressor.

It all echoes clear understanding of pure thought.
Rationalization gave me such vivid answers

I could look into far lands
and be right here

thought and time are one
no one could tell me any different
or convey a madness of such pondering,
ancient tales we lost—

knowledge of-

into the green fields
leaving desert footprints of mystery.


K.G. Bethlehem

7 thoughts on “Friday Night Poetry Corner #64

    1. I like that. Interesting way of viewing. Gotta tread lightly when facing such revelations. I think we face such situations more often than we notice. I see them now, more so since I’m older. Closer to mortality.


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