Love -n-Blessings (Friday Night Poetry Corner #67) Greetings, greetings, and more greetings.  Welcome to Friday Night Poetry Corner #67.  Now, I don't have the privilege of showcasing video spoken word but here is a passionate, creative piece by 4 book publish author; F. Kenneth Taylor (yes visit this brotha's blog--you will love it) called "Love -n- Blessings."  He has a host … Continue reading Love -n-Blessings (Friday Night Poetry Corner #67)

The Dark Water (Friday Night Poetry Corner #66)

Good evening everyone!! Friday Night Poetry Corner #66. Introducing M.S. Galan's The Dark Water. She has quite a collection of creative, interesting imaginative writings I have the pleasure of reading. Explore her blog and enjoy more good writing. Nice job M.S. Galan!