Keen Symmetry (Friday Night Poetry Corner #61)

Welcome everyone to another fine edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #61. Here is a joint called “Keen Symmetry” by Sam McManus that is a splendid piece of work. The images and conflict of interpretation of this work was crafted well and I will guarantee you will enjoy reading and searching for the voice of this poem. Nice work and visit this poet when you can. Oh, he is on Facebook as will remember the name “Sam McManus.”


Thanks again and enjoy!

Sam's Online Journal

from withfriendship.comThese lines do not touch
Straight-edged like ice
Melting into the horizon
Such perfect margins
Caught in twilight’s shade
Westward to Eden
Where angels abide
With one on each side
Waiting for midnight
These weighted wings
Reaching for the sun
In water-color strokes
Like loving tendrils
Curling one by one
Around such artifice
This keen symmetry
That holds up the world
That presses it flat down
And lets it fly.


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