**Coming Fall of 2015** The Forever Spring!!!

Tech drawing by Joseph M. Jones III/cover design by Me
Tech drawing by Joseph M. Jones III/cover design by Me


Ladies and Gentlefolks,


Creators, readers and both.


An exciting announcement; well again of the up and coming novella called “The Forever Spring” slated for the Fall of 2015. This accounts the origins of “Shadow Within a City & Shadowkill character; Sarah R. Johnson as she grew up in Georgia and consequently made her way up to Midwest City, MO (formerly St. Louis, MO). This novella also looks into her life after the events of “Shadow Within A City” that will be striking to most who grown to love the friend of Yosul and Lost Tribe. The innocence grew in bloodshed and lies, well Sarah is no different but her story doesn’t end there. Instead it grows into a parable, a warning to most of the dangerous of a well surveillance society who doesn’t have the stomach to protect their respective freedoms.

Sarah realized this, in fact knew all along but the truth in such thoughts made her complete but also a victim of circumstance.

Or did it?

Look for it, and no worries–this bold journey of mindfulness in the guise of social justice is a burning page..

Burning page…

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