In short what my history means to me..


Black history month means so much for me..

As James Baldwin’s speech awakens me,

As brother Malcolm glare,

I was so encouraged by Shirley Chisholm’s courage.


I guess I can think of this as a short time in reading, learning, about one’s own history.  I can do better by making this a honor all year round.  History should never be focus to one month, that is way too small minded. What’s worse is if that is true in our minds to accept such limitations.


So history makes me think, and reflect.  Makes me happy and angry for all logical reasons.


I love my parents,

and my brother and his family,

and my daughter and her other family.

Also my friends and their loved ones,

As well as extended family known and unknown.

I love community. I love progressive thoughts. I yearned for kindness, to show and to receive..

That makes learning such knowledge complete for me.

coolest man i ever known..
coolest man i ever known..

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