Yosul of Lost Tribe…

Yosul ?? by Joel "Yoel" Charles
Yosul ?? by Joel “Yoel” Charles

SCAF code file# 13A

Name: Yosul ???
Age: 23-30 years of age?
Birthplace: Unknown; assuming somewhere in Haiti?
Birth parents: Unknown (*mark for High Internal Clearance from authorization of WISK).
Height: 5’11?
Weight: ???lbs
Hair style: Afro
Hair color: Dark Brown or Black
Eye color: Brown?
Alert Status for file: Codification 2 (*mark for additional information is per WISK permission)

Reports from Midwest City Police Department; notably Ghost Squad headed by Lt. Simms gives Yosul the classification of being the most dangerous man in Midwest City. Thefts of money taken from houses of high-ranking officials of WISK and assaults on police officers are part of Yosul’s one man crime spree. There are also reports of him attempting to assassinate Lt. Simms himself inside the offices of Ghost Squad (underground after-hours police unit of Midwest City Police Dept.).

Further reports are concerning abnormal abilities from Yosul that displays inhuman responses from external conflict directed towards him. In other words he has killed his enemies with no known weaponry from Earth. Details are classified as already a high-ranking official of WISK is at MCPD as of this moment attempting to uncover the reasons for such a report. As of this time; further information on this subject is strictly prohibited unless permission granted by WISK officials and signed off on by SCAF Alert Commanders of the assigned region.

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(Copyrighted All Materials protected 2011. Artwork by Joel Charles of St. Louis, MO)



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