Senryu (Friday Night Poetry Corner #59)


Greetings everyone and welcome to another night of Friday Night Poetry Corner #59. Here is a short yet focus poem called “Senryu.” I found this gem on a page called, “140 Meter.” Visit when you can and support this creative poet.

From Rumi To Insanity

car or desk
weightless gravity
slump shoulders

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2 thoughts on “Senryu (Friday Night Poetry Corner #59)

  1. Hey there Kg, went and saw this poet. The subtitle of the post about saying something to the effect why say 100 words when you can only say 1 I thought it was brilliant and also brilliant his short poems and how he masters those types of poetry. So thank´s again for sharing another poet, you´re a giver. Never( or very rarely) post anything written from you, but always helping others.


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