Welcome our new friend KD onboard! (aka K.G. Bethlehem)

It's a cigarillo folks. ;-)
It’s a cigarillo folks. 😉

Good morning, evening, or afternoon wherever you are present at. Here is an online interview staring—well yours truly K.G. Bethlehem(3rd person citing conducted by Sharmishta Basu. Visit and read it when you have time and oh, check out the interviewer’s books as well. Great poet from the eastern part of the world..

Indie Adda

1. I write, well because I love to do it. I would writing expression into imagery for everyone to see. I just love to create but more importantly create with others in making a story unique and fun to read at the same time. Writing is a dual emotional state for me. It can be so rewarding, fun but yet so tortuous, and disheartening at the same time. Disheartening when you can get pass at certain passage to move on. If you have self doubt in what you creative especially while you are putting it together. I guess another reason I love writing is a challenge of doing it. It sharpens my mind but causes me to go in other realms of being. Getting lost in creative thinking can be a plus for me, but I do know what reality is. With that knowledge it helps make writing more informative…

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