Profile on Sarah R. Johnson; “Flower Child of Midwest City”

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I am re-blogging this for the up and coming new short story project called: “The Forever Spring.” This story will account the life of Sarah R. Johnson, a good friend to Yosul in “Shadow Within A City” from her childhood up to present time. Read up on her brief bio here and if you already have a copy of Shadow Within A City, you can see how good of a friend she really is. She is a fighter against social injustice with her only weapon is her mind. Enjoy and look out for the new project again within 6 months!!  Also if you have Facebook, check out the Shadow Within A City page as well.  Thank you for visiting!  Enjoy 2015!

shadowkill city

“The free people’s movement—-yes I heard of them….”


Name: Sarah Rachel Johnson
Age: 25 years old
Birthplace: Augusta, GA
Birth parents: *William & Pamela Sams (*mark for additional files for further examination).
Height: 5’3
Weight: 95lbs
Hair style: Long hair
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Blue
Alert Status for file: Codification 3

……At that Yosul began to eat a second time this morning as Sarah open the newspaper of today to read the headlines of the happenings of Midwest City. He always remembered the first time he met Sarah. Yosul was in Atlanta after his physical change and didn’t have any credits to board the bus. A bright eye, naive, young grad student from Augusta, GA greeted the young man and after nice conversation offer to pay for his fair. At first Yosul was hesitate because of the motives of the young woman but soon learn…

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