Ghost1132–Friday Night Poetry Corner #53


Greetings everyone!!

Welcome to Friday Night Poetry Corner #53. This week I will feature my own work which is called “Ghost1132.” More surrealism but with a hint of structure progression of thought. Seriously, its surreal so any interpretations are greatly welcome and thanks again for visiting. As my friend Charles B. Hawkins eloquently stated in the past, “Writing is good for the soul.”
I thought you couldn’t see…

a ghost such as me,
through the darkness of trees
I could be seen,
by you,
every damn blockage
you still could see me,

I risen again,
as you await,

I breathe life from smoke
as you await,

you cheered,
as I awaken
from ghost
to real.

from beginnings
from afar.
of nature speak,
birth from dying stars.

I finally respect who you are.
-K.G. Bethlehem

One thought on “Ghost1132–Friday Night Poetry Corner #53

  1. Nice to see one of your writings Kg. Let´s see if my interpretation of this poem is sort of in the right track… It´s a person talking really to himself, a lost soul you can say that now has gone somewhat in the right direction and he himself respect himself. That´s what I got out of it anyways.


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