Walking away towards forever land…

This is not a poetry corner moment, just a moment…


i kinda' look like her :o)
i kinda’ look like her :o)


Walking away towards forever land.

I’m looking,

just looking.

See the waterfall as it turns ways of creativity.

Striking the curiosity,

virtuosity movement gave me silence to believe

inwardly of hope
and love
and courage…

I’m looking for my loved one

who is going far away,

yet so close,

inwardly of hope
and love
and courage to muster the voice
above these tears.

I believe in such a moment,
to which I felt strongly in past years.

Yes, strongly felt.
Still looking,
somewhat searching closely
for that loved one who is nearing passing,
that one who is close to the forever land.

I just believed

only if you could see.



K.G. Bethlehem

6 thoughts on “Walking away towards forever land…

  1. This was great Kg, you´re own poetry, nice to read it once in a while, if it would be more than once much better.

    By the way you with the hat and the cigarrette sticking out…..we look the same! expect if you take away I´m white and almost bold, take away that and I too have that “cool smoker don´t mess with me” kinda face.

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