Suppressed Intelligence…

KG Bethlehem

The void creates madness to the weak and and arrogant ones..

Suppressed Intelligence: To maintain an equal intellect that corresponds with the everyday masses to create a more harmonic relationship in society to induce productivity in all societal segments while suppressing the urges of a deemed low segments of society to be advance in thinking and belief in the same qualities of people deem more advance than themselves.

—except from Astronomical

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17 October 2014 — #haiku (Friday Night Poetry Corner #48)

  Welcome, welcome, welcome to another late but still the weekend of Friday Night Poetry Corner #48. Continuing with the Haiku theme for the month of October here is a joint that i believe you will like. This piece just dated October 17, 2014 by Cathy Tenzo with the theme of space. Just read it … Continue reading 17 October 2014 — #haiku (Friday Night Poetry Corner #48)