ASTRONOMICAL—A Look Beyond and Forward Imagination..

Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen. Tonight I am featuring an exclusive look into my newest book "Astronomical©," Chapter 3.  The crew of Amaco is at the beginning of their mission.  None of it went as plan currently but the professionals they are; they plan for everything. Or do they? I hope you enjoy the read.  … Continue reading ASTRONOMICAL—A Look Beyond and Forward Imagination..

‘my’ identity (Friday Night Poetry Corner #43)

Welcome, welcome to another late edition (yes I know lol) of Friday Night Poetry Corner #43. This time the feature poet is Bert0001 joint called “my identity.” This retrospective/introspective is an amazing piece that uses another “eye” to view and understand reality. Also when y'all get a chance visit his blog and read other poems … Continue reading ‘my’ identity (Friday Night Poetry Corner #43)