Cigar smoking begets quiet musings…


Sometimes the greatest in you is the least one you think about…

That pressure to be the one who makes all the decisions to satisfy your soul screams for acknowledgment. Wants what others have and in return craves a matter greater, better than acceptance.


It is far too wrong to make our shortcomings our focal point of thought. It is nonsensical to believe that vices can make a person stronger.

I can not even remember anytime that my wrongs were greater than my thoughts of something optimistic in nature. I feel such an emotion only at a low point in my life. No where near the bottom but low nonetheless. This sort of reasoning belongs to self-esteem deniers. The ones who want pity instead of triumph.

You know the ones I speak of.

Now for just a second, release your own prejudices or a person, or persons who irks your being from just a mere look at them. Hearing their tone, listening to their dialect. Cursing the differences and belittling all of their essence that makes them human.

Notice I didn’t say the antonym..

Could a person quiet their ignorant voices to hear and understand what the other “different” is saying?

Does anger make you say things you hate to regret?

Or does sorrow affects your being when you are not on top. When you are at equal standing with the next “different” person. When your sad beliefs are question, and you really has no response.

You forgot that intelligence equates to learning, openness to a broader understanding of self and the world.

A world not mirroring you, but you painting its surface with educational assurances.

If all of these things you can do and feel better for it. Even with the loss of friends. The exile of family, and the change in noticing, talking, believing in something you were condition to hate..

Then you are the enlighten human being of space and time.

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