My window at night, iv (Friday Night Poetry Corner #40)

Everyone again, welcome to Friday Night Poetry Corner #40. Here is a poem whose imagery is near brilliant. “My window at night, iv” by Jenifer Cartland. Please visit this poet’s page and read more of great writing. Take care and thanks for visiting!

Poems from in between

Breathe air into my words.
Give them spaciousness,
room to roam and be flexed,
to be held, warmed,
to have fingers run across them,
pausing, to know the sense
of being swallowed bit by bit,
or held on the tongue.

Let them open up onto the prairie
to play in all the adventure
of the wide, clear spaces,
to be enthralled by what is plain,
to unwrap the spider’s web,
trace the trails of rain,
how the breeze clips the edges
of the grass, but no more.

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