Extro/Introvert (Friday Night Poetry Corner #38)


Good evening, well late evening everyone!

Welcome, welcome to another amazing edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #38. We are moving steadily with each week fantastic poetry from very good writers here on wordpress. I appreciate and I am assuming but the other poets appreciate the support and exposure. Sometimes we can forget even the great ones, the famous ones start when people didn’t’ even know their first name..

So amandalyle1986 (I think this, well some of it is her first name:o), has a very nice poem her called–


It really speaks for it self so visit her page to read other fanatic writings. Learn her first name, then learn her love for the art of words.

Good day y’all.

Mediocore Poetry

Ever have that I want to be alone, but I’m lonely feeling?
You know like, on a Friday night everyone is out in good company
While you’re home on the couch because that’s where you want to be
And as you stare at your no missed calls or messages on your cell phone
A flash of loneliness comes rushing throughout your body

But then again
You’re home on the couch because that’s where you wanted to be

Ambivert by nature, surround me with people so that I can run around the whole room
Conversing with every clique and crew
Then when I’m drained take them away

This is the way I’ve always been
I don’t know why, It’s something I cant really explain

I cling onto my personal space, stay away from it I don’t want you in my way
But come back and be with me I need…

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