The Presence of Shirley Chisholm…


“The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females when the doctor says: It’s a girl.”

Shirley Chisholm


Always in the better judgment of men? (I remember so long ago that if I speak of such what I am about to write below people would had view me as weak or some other negative connotation.  I say to all who harbors such emotions and thinking–Move on because I don’t care).

Men that is the key word to this discussion. As many though so long ago that a man’s place is above a woman in every way. Intellectually, discipline, emotional non-maladjusted with the exception of child rearing. Her place was behind a man, to be viewed not heard from. This was especially true of all women.

Even more evil, black women (any women of color) has it worse on all levels, famous elephant in the room story.

In this case I will give the above quote that was spoken by Shirley Chisholm so masterfully echoes the past institutional discrimination women faced for a very long time in the United States. Through such practices the road blocks to overall human acceptance, job non-bias employment, job non-bias promotions, and the risk of being fired if she is with child.

Still to this day, 2014 I hear people say such sad statements “Don’t be a girl.”

Meaning don’t be weak because girls are weak–obviously.

“I am a man, she’s a female.”

The lack of empathetic goodwill and acceptance is glaring.

“You should be lucky this ain’t the 20s, you have rights.”

Thanks for such a statement, I should shut up even if what I say is just as important than you elites remark, I should still shut up.

“You are such a pussy!”

Meaning dick and scrotum are stronger even though a man would sound like an opera soprano if hit in such private areas. Also has this person ever heard of—VAGINA!?!?!

If such ridiculous ignorant states are still made so freely than I guess the doctor is the blame for the first stereotype. His/Her listing of a gender already reinforce people’s idea of discrimination, their parents in some equations holds such beliefs.

I think I know one thing that would help you set aside your own prejudices and discriminatory attitudes towards women as a whole.

Push your daughter and/or little girl into wanting to be an astrophysicist.

Or a CEO of a corporation.  In fact anything that was a closed door to women because of their gender.

Just as important, demonstrate respect of person regardless of who the person is.

5 thoughts on “The Presence of Shirley Chisholm…

  1. What still baffles me is that they are taken as weaker. You kidding? My mother brought me up by herself, had a job, smack the crap out of me when I got out of line which probably happened way to often and now at age 31 is helping me again with my little screwed up pancreas. After she spend 5 months taking care of her brother who recently passed away. You tell this women she´s weak and you better run for the hills and quick. Nice post by the way.


    1. Man, I’m really sorry for your loss. Your mom is a strong person. This that is true happiness still view women today I believe. Sometimes time heals all wounds and wise up people, sometimes it don’t.

      One thing for sure if any person, man doubts a mother’s love for their child or believes that is what makes them the weaker species then they are a fool.

      Glad to hear your mom is helping you out. No matter how old we get our moms will our look at us as the child the had to nurse back to health do long ago.


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