Nightmares. (poem)

Welcome again to a late  but nevertheless edition of Friday Night Poetry Session #36. This week is an unusual, funny yet creative poet, good blogger all around. Here is charlypriest’s joint called “Nightmares.” Hope you enjoy and visit his blog when you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed..

Always remember; poetry is what you feel to paper, and love to voice.  Nothing more, and indeed nothing less..


They say,
a man who has nigthmares
they say,
every day of his life,
they say,
is in pain.

Nightmares are part of me
just me don´t remember the last time
when, I had a nice resting but that´s fine.

It´s feels actually strange if I don´t have them
but now it seems I rest better, but not forever
eventually they do return, yes, them.

Probably that is why I have trouble sleeping
I just decided to not let them be keeping,
of me.

I wake up and brush them out
so I can go out and shout.

they slain
ever gain
so lame
fuck the pain
just trot on again.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

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