Friday Night Poetry Corner #33 (He adores her)

Black love on Pinterest
Black love on Pinterest


Greetings everyone!!

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Another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #33. It is crazy that we are up in the 30s now. During this year I feature a lot of great poets, wonderful poems that showcased different styles, themes, emotions, and tempos. This has been a enlighten experience and I loved it all. A special thanks for visiting but guess what, THIS mutherfucking train is continuing…

Now, next is another piece by me. Yes two weeks in a row which is very unusual but what the hey. This is a surreal love situation, a honest situation but I will let you judge.



He adores her

“Sol rays gleam on my hands as i dance below the sky, but tolerate your storms.”
the last of the beginning ones…
the first of the last speakers
cried the name of beautiful,
masking the utmost fear of the diffident
he didn’t care
he wanted her
he showed himself to the world
for her smile
and a whisper of care
the last of the beginning ones
storm the blacken sky
cover the sight of many eyes
he didn’t care
who heard him
who saw his pain
through arctic rain…
he wanted her attention
her respect,
her acknowledgment
of his presence
of his laughter of joy
the utter mention of her name
sustain his joy
joy to loved,
of yearning,

-K.G. Bethlehem

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