Friday Night Poetry Corner #32—This time its me again..


Greetings, much respects & peace, love and all of that…

Here is like clockwork (well, ha– mostly) another fun edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #32!!! This time around I would like to feature a new one I just wrote about 10 minutes ago. It is a surreal dark poem but with heavy thoughts for salvation or doom?

I let ya’ll judge that statement. Enjoy and thanks again for stopping by. Have a coffee and cigarillo on me.

Or tea and cakes.



The last trial of oblivion

It made the night blossom so well,
searching a way out of hell…
it cause a smile to die so violently,
awaking in hypocrisy
made it so intensely
unresisting to be name
for another day.
Under the gray moon
I assume
it would make wonders
in earning,
yearning a way of respectable
instead of endings.
Who would ask
for this task,
of hurting so hard,
in fact very hard,
last not for trouble to find
query one more favor
to savor the last lie
you told.

How does a smile die so violently,
within blanked glances of silver?

why make such a claim so vivid to all?

Why suggest nature to fall?

In asking
of the gray moon light,
insightful knowledge is given
to all,
sounding sweet smelling sugary pie taste
is the lie I will give,

thus the only one
you want to believe.


–K.G. Bethlehem


6 thoughts on “Friday Night Poetry Corner #32—This time its me again..

  1. You said surreal at the beginning? It was surreal, read it two times and figured it was surrealy-nice poem. About that enjoying the cigarette, you can count on that one too, I enjoy too many 🙂


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