Impressions of Southeast Washington D.C…


Always a song of jazz enters the mind, driving through the streets of Southeast Washington DC.

Yep, Impressions actually by Coltrane himself, the harmony of up and down sounds of the trumpet echoed strongly in my mind. While that was happening I glanced at teenagers and smaller children walking on the sidewalks, lingering among the adults who joined them in their travels.

I saw people of a stretch age range, relaxing on the porch. Two or three at a time just chillin’ and people watching. One house in particular I drove past and at least there were 20 plus people in the yard. All jamming to “Go-Go” honoring the at Chuck Brown as I heard an elder scream his name out while he weave and jerk side to side.

Impressions still in my head of course but it was all the same. The rhythm of the people was in total sync with the erratic music of Coltrane’s genius. I marvel in my car, window down due to the hotness of the air. You see it was 5:45pm on June 20th 2014, summer and humidity old friends, old irritations. Nevertheless the scenery was too powerful for such discomfort to perturb me. It was a restful moment in time.

An occasion that I wish was shared with someone.

Oh well, time waits for no one. Time forgets the forgettable? Or do we forget time as we leave certain things behind.

Impressionable moment eh?

I think next time I will tune in Coltrane’s Resolution for more clarity…

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