Horror and Hope—I bring you ASTRONOMICAL!


The year is 2025; Colonel Harrison is given a simple mission to discover potential allies to aid against a potential war from the Nexus Jor and to find the missing vessel of Captain Delcid that was sent out years ago on the exact same mission. But what Colonel Harrison does not know is that this mission will encounter life forms and technologies that are well beyond his comprehension. is the entire world is section off into two major provinces; the first being the United States of Western Lands (USW). Consequently, as Colonel Harrison is dealing with the impending war in outer space and an underground resistance movement on Earth is taking place led by a former X-Policeman named Mury Te. As his plight was shown by a mission too guided by gaining allies in different cities across the mainland, his mission for the TRUTH will have an eerie similar fate like Colonel Harrison with unknown results…


Earth’s future clashes with its own history that creates a present time of horror and hope, no one left had clean hands or a clean mind.  The last of a generation who was desperate for survival could not even imagination the ultimate thought of their total demise.  Their demise cause by their own decisions that endorse greed over life.

There are no heroes, only free thinkers and to be honest, that is actually a good thing.

Pick up your copy of ASTRONOMICAL today!  Again thanks for all the support.

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