Horror and Hope—I bring you ASTRONOMICAL!

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Two Poems by Arthur Turfa (Friday Night Poetry Corner #30)


Greetings everyone and welcome to another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #30 (yes the big 30 to which i just entered myself lol)–
Anyway, here are two intriguing yet unique poems by Arthur Turfa. First one is called “The Conversation” and the second one “Precession of the Equinox: Polaris Shifts.” I enjoyed both of theses joints and hopefully you will as well. This poet was featured on ATLPOETICS blog and if you have the time, stop by the blog and read other fine poets. Thank you for visiting and if you are writing, drawing, painting, oral speech making, etc…
Creativity be with you!


Two Poems


Arthur Turfa

The Conversation

Several years after the break

we stood together near the house

early on a summer evening

as the sun slid into western skies.

There we reflected on past years,

expressed mutual remorse

(at first so tentatively)

because the wounds had been healed.

Searching the wreckage of it all,

we salvaged enough to move onward

along separate but often parallel paths.

Thousands of miles behind me,

tens of thousands awaiting me,

we started the process of becoming

the people we were intended to be

even though the horizon was hazy.

Times and places slip away

softly and inexorably from us.

At times several chords on an acoustic

bring back walking over hills

or a sprawling campus.

For fleeting moments we are again

as we were but did not remain.

Far better to be who we have become,

to realize that it was better because

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