doors. (Friday Night’s Poetry Corner #27


Hey everyone,

I have been absent for the past week and a half from posting. I just arrived back in town from an enjoyable time with my family down south in the ATL!! It was a great time and more important my daughter gotten to see her grandmother along with her uncles, aunties, and 1st cousins. Time well spent.

Now, regrettably during that time frame the Poetry Corner was placed on the back burner. Just burning with no end in sight until..


Welcome again to another segment of the Friday Night Poetry Corner #27 that is not on a Friday night. Yep, I refused to wait another day to showcase national and worldwide poets for everyone, anyone to see. So in this addition welcome Levi T’s (Relatively Poetic)–


Enjoy and visit Levi T’s blog for more great works of poetry.

relatively poetic

We are promised the World
and all that it holds
and greedily concur
that it all should be ours.

And we sit back
and wait for day
that the World comes a callin’
saying “Come right along!”

But it never comes
and still we wait
for a great golden Door
to come find us and open.

That Door does exist
and will open for all
but the Door doesn’t move
and is hidden from view.

So we must go!
We must search far and wide
We must leap up and run out
and find the Door to the World

And then when we find it
how sweet it will taste
to find that World
is right where we are.

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