Thank you Mr. Leonard F. Taylor III; STL Artist of great standing…

Leonard Taylor III of St. Louis, MO is one of the most talented artist I have ever known. His attention to detail in background art work along with precise lettering is a gift I seen in very few artists. He loved comic books growing up as well as the animation of cartoons and Japanese Manga. As a child he loved the old D.C and Marvel Comics while inventing characters of his very own.

mercy's stuff 006



His work with the initial ShadowKill comic book project was just amazing. The lettering and background work really cause the Issue #1 to standout. He always devoted such time to crafting his talents and it showed as you will see from examples from the ShadowKill comic book.


He also had a hand in creating characters as well. To the point of Astronomical; he created the initial name and most of the lead characters. Even though the story was written by myself his fingerprints on characterization needed to be mention and praised.


In closing Leonard Taylor III is an example of a great artist who is relativity unknown to a mainstream audience. His works and his story needed to be shared; for inspiration from afar can influence the ones who might just be sitting right next to you.


Or draw right next to you..

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