Friday Night Poetry Corner #25



Greetings, hello, and wassup!!








Yesterday was my birthday so needless to say I was barely at home to showcase a poem for the poetry corner. Oh, I did enjoy the day, dinner with friends and my daughter. At night bars and drinks in Washington D.C. I welcome 40, and welcome another 40 in the coming of time.

It does not feel any different, so that’s a good thing..


Hope you enjoy this poem; a new one from me called—



The everlasting supper-dinner


He spoke Frank,

She answered James,

Children wonder Beth,

Mothers pondered Michael

Cousin asked for Shelly

Aunts cried for Trica

Daughters replied June

Fathers answered April

Nieces whispered for Mason


And all in all

The conversation went nowhere

For certain and brilliant moves to unite

The family of us.


Many names,

Many identities,

Created our family reunion,

From a simple Sunday dinner…



By K.G. Bethlehem

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