A Pocketful of Thoughts ( Vignettes) Friday Night Poetry Corner #24

Welcome to Friday Night Poetry Corner #24. Tonight feature poet is Dr. Smita Anand Sriwastav’s haunting, beautiful poem called “A Pocketful of Thoughts (Vignettes). You will certainly be lost in the wonder of its imagery and voice of concern and hope. Visit the good doctor’s page for more fantastic poetry. Thanks again for following the poetry corner for a look into yet another great poet whose voice is still with us in our world.


Rain-Chimes~ My Poetry Blog

sorrows are dewdrops
licked away like treacle droplets
by tongues of sunlit volatilities,
~ as laughter sweeps away
cobwebby realities of gloom.

moon weeps honeydew silences
on nights strewn
in whispered ambiguities,
while stardusted constellations
echo with versatile gossips,
as insomnia indulges in
moonlit rendezvous,
gulping on cafe noir darkness
to discover mysteries
hidden in obscure silhouettes.

wind-chimes tinkle
under invisible touch of breeze
on shivering january morns,
punctuating snowflakes’ sonnets
in fluid musicalities,
that jar trance of frosts
frozen on window-pane clarities.

venting pent up emotions
azure skies drench life in rain-songs
curdling complacence
of stoic potholes with syllables
garbled like reverberations
from a broken string of pearls.

dancing in falling rain
peacock fans brocaded expectations,
spun of versicolor silk
~a blend of thoughts from
verdant earth and blue heavens,
uaware of the rose’s plight
as fingers of heartless tempest
pluck away its scented…

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