On The Campus Green (Friday Night Poetry Corner #23)


I’m currently under the weather so my response to post and creating new ones will be delayed for a bit. But in continuing with the poetry corner here is a very well written poem by N.K. Hasen called “On The Campus Green.” Visit Hasen’s page and check out more nice poetry. School and memories afoot, you will like this piece a lot. Friday Night Poetry Corner #23 presents…
On The Campus Green.

Poetry by Hasen

I see two college students holding hands
They must be a couple I see;
As the are looking at each other and not where their walking.
Across the campus greens they go hand and hand.
A loud voice I hear from the other side
Shouting to the couple walking on by.
The boyfriend raises and hand;
Seeing two buddies coming in.
Wearing letter jackets I see;
A football stitched upon them.
They meet in the middle;
Who know what they are talking about;
About the girlfriend on his arm;
Or up coming college events
For it is not football season;
No crackling leaves are on the ground
And no pep rally to be had around; it is only spring,
With budding flowers and ending days of school.

April 9 prompt: Place and People

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4 thoughts on “On The Campus Green (Friday Night Poetry Corner #23)

  1. I hope you get better soon. “Under the weather” – one of those weird English phrases that so astonish and amuse non-native-English-speakers (anyone whose first tongue was not English). “Under the weather”? I’m feeling great, but it’s raining on me (Singing in the Rain?) so I’m under the weather? It’s also an expression that’s common in Britain, so interesting to see it’s the same in America.


    1. Very true haha. What’s more amusing is when I first made the state it was actually a nice spring day for a change.

      Thank you as well. Had the flu for 3 days, better to normal now.

      Well as normal as I can be.


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