On The Campus Green (Friday Night Poetry Corner #23)


I’m currently under the weather so my response to post and creating new ones will be delayed for a bit. But in continuing with the poetry corner here is a very well written poem by N.K. Hasen called “On The Campus Green.” Visit Hasen’s page and check out more nice poetry. School and memories afoot, you will like this piece a lot. Friday Night Poetry Corner #23 presents…
On The Campus Green.

Poetry by Hasen

I see two college students holding hands
They must be a couple I see;
As the are looking at each other and not where their walking.
Across the campus greens they go hand and hand.
A loud voice I hear from the other side
Shouting to the couple walking on by.
The boyfriend raises and hand;
Seeing two buddies coming in.
Wearing letter jackets I see;
A football stitched upon them.
They meet in the middle;
Who know what they are talking about;
About the girlfriend on his arm;
Or up coming college events
For it is not football season;
No crackling leaves are on the ground
And no pep rally to be had around; it is only spring,
With budding flowers and ending days of school.

April 9 prompt: Place and People

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