A very nice gesture, thank you good sir. Thank you from the heart..


to my Hebraic child...
to my Hebraic child…


A blogger with a desire to help others! While he and I may disagree on some issues politically, I have to give him space here out of respect for all the work he has done in his life. You have to read about him. He tells his story well and, I feel, there is much more to come. He is a blogger, a poet, and, most importantly, a family man who loves his kids. His poetry is from his heart and from his experiences in life. Go and visit him at:


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3 thoughts on “KGBETHLEHEM

  1. I see you like fiction and I know you like poetry. Do you also like narrative nonfiction as in true crime? If so write me at GKUHNWRITES@AOL.COM and I’ll put you on my mailing list for a newsletter about a man who is now on death row in Florida. For almost six months he terrorized Sarasota and Manatee Counties by attacking single women in their 50s and up. I am writing a book about him, his victims, and the team of law enforcement personnel that located him and brought him to justice. Sadly, had the FBI’s data base been up to date a great deal of suffering and horror could have been prevented.


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