Interview with Rosie Rogers; CEO of Two5m Productions & CWN

Q/A with Rosie Rogers CEO Two5m Productions & CWN (Christian Women Network)

 Rosie Rogers Photo

1.  How was the week in general for business?
Not Good. Faced more cast resignations.

2.  What trial and error situation was in front of you during the course of the week?
How to bounce back from the potential setbacks caused by the resignations. We have lots of footage that may be jeopardized.

3.  What was the great success for this week?
Hummmm. Good question. I hope I answered it below. J

4.  What are “need improvements” at this time?
Faithful film crew. Sponsorships to help with budget. Producers. I have to put more effort into developing my teams.

5.  What project (over all summary if so information is confidential) is being worked on currently?
In the midst of the challenges this week and inactivity on my part. I was given a great opportunity by 2 awesome Directors of Black Theater Festivals.  I am in awe of their generosity and support. Can’t wait to share more.

6.  What is the overall theme of this week from your viewpoint?
Understanding the true journey.

7.  What were the first thoughts when you woke up in the morning and the last ones before you went to bed?
As I reflected this morning, the thought that came to mind is:
When you set out on a journey towards a goal or dream, the first leg of the journey is discovering who you are. I didn’t make much progress this week besides writing down plenty of notes and action items that I needed to accomplished. Each day I checked the list, I found that I had not accomplished even one of those tasks. I couldn’t blame anyone nor anything but myself. This week I have come face to face with Rosie Rogers. I made excuses for lying around on the couch. I made excuses for not exercising. I made excuses for not completing schedules. I made excuses for not making telephone calls. I justified why I didn’t do this and why I didn’t do that. I tried to find blame and reason for not moving forward. I waited for that magical moment when some supernatural occurrence or person would come along and miraculously take me to the top of the mountain and beyond. I do believe in the supernatural and I do believe in miracles and suddenlies of God—because I believe in His promise and His word. But I realized that I can’t sit around waiting for it. Faith without works is dead. A part of the waiting process involves action on my part. He will supernatural empower me to accomplish things that I couldn’t ordinarily accomplish. But nothing will just happen without some kind of action on my part.

So, here is how God helped me this week of discovering who I am:
He put scriptures and Word in my face that I meditated on. He used my Pastors to teach sermons that I needed to hear to take a good look at myself. He led me to pick up books and read the right chapter, the right page, the right paragraph at the right time. I heard songs that spoke to me. He sent people to hug me when I needed it the most. People who had no idea what I was contemplating. I encountered people and situations this week that cut me to the core BUT instantly God sent two other people who saw my pain and immediately began to pray, comfort and encourage without any questions of details regarding my tears. After falling on my butt, bumping my heading, taking blows to my heart and slamming myself to the ground this week, God supernaturally empowered me by His Grace to get back up again. These all were the miraculous and supernatural occurrences of God intervening in my life. None of this was on my schedule of action items. They were ALL on God’s ‘to do list/plan’ for me (I smile and laugh as I write this because it really is true that Father knows best).

I sat in the chair this morning and took another look at Rosie Rogers. Last week I was an “over-thinking” occasional procrastinator who would blame others, wish for easy, find excuses, justify discomforts by retreating to my comfort zone, not take risks based on past experiences, accept struggles as norm, tuck away pain and allow my weaknesses to disguise my fears. Today, I am the overcoming, victorious daughter of the King destined to be all that God has created me to be. I am forgiven, restored and left in charge. My destiny is in my hands and I have the Grace of my Daddy to walk it out. Although the tendencies to quit, weaknesses of flesh and facts of life may come to distract me, I will learn from them all and keep it moving because I know who I am. Who I am is the key to doing what I do.

Tonight as I prepare for bed, I will ponder this personal truth: I was ready for the fight to make the media mogul, but I was not ready to discover the Rosie Rogers of this season in the first leg of the journey. Taking a good long look at yourself in the mirror is not always a pretty sight but well worth the stare. Over the years I have had lots of great accomplishments and victories. But this is a new journey and I am a new person.

This week has not been about ‘doing’, it has been about ‘being’. I felt I had made no progress towards reaching my goals until I thought about all the things that had been revealed about my character during the week. This has been the greatest progress of all. I would have to write at least five chapters of a book in order to share the details of all I learned about Rosie Rogers this week. Since that would be too long for a blog post, you will have to continue the journey with me to find out more. I’m ready and hope you are too. Let’s Go!

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