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Week In Review

Saturday, March 29, 2014

by Rosie Rogers CEO




SUNDAYHighlight Of This Week.

Table Read for The Class. A talk show where we all get schooled. It’s true that no matter how much you think you know, someone can always school you on something.

I finished the script for Episode 1 and was very excited about how it came out. I couldn’t wait to get to the table read with the ladies. Although, I didn’t feel like that the night before. The night before I wasn’t feeling well. My eyes and head were hurting very badly from the make-up I had worn during the filming earlier that day. My emotions tried to overwhelm me and convince me to cancel the table read. Initially, I wanted to give in to the emotions and agree with its persuasive reasoning. Then I realized which voice was talking in my mind. It wasn’t the voice of ‘not feeling well so cancel’, it was the voice of ‘are you really going to try and do this’. The voice of ‘not feeling well’ would have been a logical reason for anyone to consider not wanting to be around people. But the voice of ‘are you really’ is the voice of fear. I recognized it because I have hung out with it many times before. I have allowed fear to cancel many activities and events. I have allow fear to hold me hostage in times that I should have been soaring and making progress. I have allowed fear to talk me out of many opportunities that I later regretted. And here, in a time when I felt very vulnerable to pain and logic, it reared its ugly head again. What did I do? I looked fear it’s its big bulging deceptive eyes and said; “I WILL NOT cancel this table read. And yes this show will be a success. And yes we can do this. And yes we will birth this network and it too shall be successful.” Although the physical pain remained, I put my emotions in check long enough to make a conscious decision to continue the journey. I also put fear to bed and closed my own eyes for some much needed rest.

Annette and I arrived at the location for the table read a bit late. I didn’t trust my eyes with the task of driving so I waited for her to get off work and travel with me. I appreciate how she is there for me and this journey would not be the same without her. When we walked into the room the ladies were having a pretty juicy discussion over a few topics I had called ahead and asked them to discuss, knowing that I would be late. Boy, let me tell you, with the atmosphere they had created, I was instantly turned on and jumped right into the conversation. In what seemed to be a matter of minutes, we had debated, described, designated, detested, deliberated, denounced and laughed out loud for four hours. We exhaled, we inhaled, we cheered and we got schooled. I could not believe our time was up nor did I want it to end. I am fully persuaded that ‘The Class’ is going to be one of the best shows in the talk show arena. I’m ready to throw our hat in the ring.

When I took on this show from another executive producer, my goal was to take it to the next level and make it the best it could be. I wanted to established a good relationship with the hosts and inspire them to be great hosts who were relatable, transparent, real and unafraid to be raw for the benefit of viewers. I had no desire nor intentions of joining the panel. After our first meeting, I walked away excited to be working with an extraordinary group of women. I felt ready to take on the world. A tiny voice from deep within whispered; ‘it felt really good to chat with them, what about joining the panel’. I quickly dismissed the voice with a resounding; “NO. I’m not here for that, don’t have time for that”. But after leaving the table read, that voice spoke a little bit louder and I entertained it for more than a minute. OMG. I love these women and they stir something in me that I don’t know how long I can control. So, I’m not saying I am definitely going to join the panel, just saying when you tune in to the first episode of “The Class” don’t be surprised if you see me in one of those seats.


I usually rest on Mondays and hang-out with my spiritual advisor whom I call the Holy Ghost. It’s my much needed down time just to turn some things off since my mind is constantly going. This is also my hobby day where I might makeover a piece of furniture, build something, paint something, cook something creative or just do NOTHING. I enjoy times of working with my hands so my mind doesn’t runaway in some wild imaginative excursion.


Finally made myself sit down and put pen to paper for some projects I needed to accomplish:

1. The script for the Drama Ministry at my church where I am the Department Director, that I had marinated in my spirit for a few days.

2. A re-cap of and parting thoughts from an interview I had the previous week. The Interviewer had requested and reminded me to get her my notes for a few days.

3. A blog post, lol

4. Made some minor edits on another script.

I was especially pleased to get as much as I did accomplished because my ten month old grandson was having a surgical procedure in Iowa and I was much concerned about how that was going. I knew that all would go well and we had lots of Prayer Warriors praying so I wasn’t worried, just curious for updates since he was so many miles away. Maybe the writing was a good way to keep my mind occupied.


Fear showed up again today. Once again it disguised itself in the wrappings of ‘life happens’. I had so many things going on in my private life that my dreams didn’t seem so important. My knees knocked, my head spun, world rocked as my thoughts were all over the place. Finally, I realized I had to reel in my thoughts through prayer and speaking the Promised of God out loud. I reminded myself that I was created to do the things I am doing. I overcame fear and doubt. Had a great rehearsal and meeting with my drama group and another group I’m a part of and slept well through the night.


1. Had lunch with a dear friend. Great time.

2. Didn’t get a chance to have a meeting with a potential producer that I really needed to meet with.

3. 2nd High Point of Day: Attended a comedy show being hosting by a friend and fellow comedienne since 1990. Laughed and had a great time. Enjoyed my cast’s performance of a comedy sketch that is picking up lots of momentum, “Act Like A Mannequin”. Maybe I will blog details about it later or maybe you’ll get a chance to see it on CWN. I’ll keep you posted.

4. 1st High Point of Day: Dropped off some clothing and small kitchen appliances for a family who had lost everything in a fire. It felt so awesome to be able to bless someone. I left the rendezvous point declaring ‘next time they will all be Designer clothes’ and ‘oooouu, then we are going to take the people on a shopping spree so they don’t have to rely on hand-me-downs’ ‘and then we are going to buy them houses’. I imagined all the possibilities and I believed every one of them because “with God, all things are possible”.


1. Cleaned my house. Much needed.

2. Finished a script.

3. Caught up on a couple matters

4. Relaxed—also much needed. So I shut down the computer at 6:30pm and refused to turn it back on.


1. Attended three different grandson’s flag football games. Thank God they were all in the same location, just different times. I love attending football games. It’s has been our family business for many years. It started with my sons and now I am watching two of my sons coach their sons. #familybusiness.

2. Meeting a friend at the mall. NOTE: re-teaching myself how to have a social life. Chat about that later.

Although my days may seem busy, just know that I have to fight fear, doubt and challenges of life on a daily bases as well. These are enemies to my dreams and your dreams. Just like I overcome, you too can and MUST overcome. Don’t focus on where you are. Instead, focus on where you want to be.

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Chat with you soon.




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