Saturday Night Poetry Edition (one time only); dedication to family

Greetings again…

Well for tonight and tonight only; there will be a “Saturday Night Poetry Edition.” I am featuring my two poems that are closely relate yet different called– “Sisters & Brothers” and “Brothers & Sisters.” Thanks again everyone for following me throughout the years and hope you enjoy both poems.

If you have siblings you care for deeply then I think you will relate to them…


Brothers & Sisters

Around a look,
she took my things.

Yelling through toothbrushes–
she lied on me!

Dance and exclaimed
this would work for my girl

nosy and interrupting,
you ain’t got a girl

protective and ego,
I hurt that punk

smiling yet wisdom–
leave him alone big bro!

In all could be seen,
more would be heard
through time and space
and brothers love
and sisters acceptance,
made their parents pound.

K.G. Bethlehem


Sisters & Brothers

in those times,
in bright moments and certain thoughts
I remembered through eyes of sons and nephews
I recall hot days and warm nights,
values in southern grace
a love for family
made haste with explanation.

I recall all moments,
ones I really could remember,
due to my mind grew older
eyes became more season,
and ears felt plausible musings of love and family,
it made the explanation more distinct

I love both,
and witness elysian friendship among siblings.

The scenery was only created by pictures,
magic within pictures,
so soft
and sad,
very sad in quiet moments and certain places.

It made me wonder
and wish,
I could have one more time with that special person,
just a spell,
in pain stricken heart.

I must be fair,
more so unselfish,
reaching to my person
whose eyes and mouth calls me nephew,
whose heart longs for past times,
like me.

K.G. Bethlehem

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