Friday Night Poetry Corner #19 (Remembering Fred..)


Hey everyone!

Sorry for skipping a week of the Friday Night Poetry Corner. I went out-of-town that night; a journey of 14hours on the road so needless to say I needed some rest before I left.

But now—–More, more More MORE!!!


Alright enough of the nerdville moment, here is a joint I wrote last year. It was a dedication to a fallen civil, human rights souljah from the original Black Panthers Party.

Chi-town’s great Fred Hampton..

Below I will also have a video of some moments from this intelligent young man who was taken by us from cowards. Yes shot to death while sleeping in his bed by Chicago’s finest.

Real talk, look it up but that did happen.

Hope you enjoy this poem and once again thank you for visiting and supporting the Poetry Corner

(of course personal statements above are just my opinions so please feel free to give yours from any point of view(s).


I dreamed of lost love

(sorry fred, I’m so sorry)

I remember everything about that day,

as if I could forget,

the death of Fred Hampton,

in chi-town’s lost hits.

It happen on a warm day of sorts,

political speeches fell on cold grounds,

made men and women contend,

a cloud of mistrust within.

It wasn’t justice at all,

that cause that brotha’ to fall,

that made police made the call,

widen the evil in us all.

No marches, no television memorials were seen

the absence of total anger

the regret of subtle patience

was too damn extreme.

We wanted the dream

we witness the nightmare

we wanted answers,

we needed to breathe

what was instead conceived

made even the cynical heart bleed

made us furious,


gnashing emotional snow–fist pounding mountain shakes

finally the revolutionary

in all grandest,

began to


began to shake,

began to began, to began, to began…

meaning it was too expensive to run.

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