pulchritudinem tantam habes (you have so much beauty)…

You chose to be beautiful didn’t you?

You craved the attention of onlookers or pleasure seekers.

If you were in indeed seeking that look, that outside glamor.

You could be talking about the inner wisdom of beauty. The one that never mistook care for ambition, want not for honor and empathy. I remembered the last of it, the certain people for careful moments of the day. You song an endearing song, amazed in its captivity of watching soulful spirits.

Yes that was the day I fell in love.

That was the day I held you so tightly I didn’t want anything else to sour that moment.

This was a fix point in time,
it can’t change,
nor should it ever change.

I touched your skin,
felt its own on my own,
and look and uttered those words…

“So Beautiful…

Appreciate it, Meshell Ndegeocello…

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