Astronomical, perseverance & regrets lost in the void..

emotions can become lost in space.
emotions can become lost in space.

I spoke about leaders,

He dreamed about glory in the void,

They wonder of life and wonders to fill exalted from all others…

If a person can arrive to a conclusion, a place where they believe a conquest of a goal is the right choice, who is there to judge such a decision? Can any ends justify means of whatever weaponry via’ physical destructive items to mentally damaging thoughts—-who is the hero in all of this?

The commander believed in such a mission, and his cause was actually correct. Earth was in trouble, on the verge of a war with an alien race who was more powerful than themselves. Basic survival dictates one must deem everything in hand to come out alive. They must protect and even destroy if they are threatened with extermination…

So in all fairness, can a mission of peace warrant ruinous means to achieve a successful goal?

Look into the Col. Harrison and Mr. Mury Te to draw your own conclusions.

(Astronomical© copyrighted along with names of characters used above)

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