An Astronomical Description of Leadership & Conflict

Certain Leaders breath extraordinary followers who would die to succeed every command, every questionable order with no regards for their own safety.

Certain Men will align themselves with an air of humbleness and steadfast conviction to display great skills in communicating and understanding their followers. They crave for such loyalty even if the need to display characteristics, deep down they even hate. The difference between a manager, king, and leader. They choose a leader.

Certain Women will strengthen only their mental foundations in situations where gender is unfairly question by the ignorance of others; including both genders. They realize that caring for such acknowledgment is foolhardy from ones who would rather be stubborn than humble to admit their transgressions. These—women, are the ones who rise above the fire, the ones who never feel heat.

Then there is of course Colonel Robert Harrison; commander of the Earth’s space ship called Amaco who embodies all characteristics of both; yes both. He is the most vulnerable, complex, self-worth, self-loathing, compassionate and relentless in the pursuit of a goal.

This would define him as the most fallen soul to have ever lived in all space…



(Astronomical© and Character name copyrighted 2009 by Leonard Taylor III {original idea} & K.G. Bethlehem {writer/author, creator of story})

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