Friday Night Poetry Corner #12 (Saturday Edition)

Sista' to Queen..
Sista’ to Queen..

Hey everyone; welcome to a Belated Friday Night Poetry Corner, aka—– The Saturday Edition. A good kindred poet of mines gave me a better idea for posting poetry in the poetry corner. If anyone writes a blog with a poem in it email me a if you wanted displayed. I will then re-blogged your posting for the Poetry Corner so others will see the original posting and hopefully cause more traffic to visit your blog.

A win win, but more importantly, a win for sharing creativity.

Now, another original work of mines, here is a poem called Paragon. Thanks again for taking the time to visit and always be creative in all facets of life.

I will try to be…


talking in silence,
but hearing nothing

accent concerns
but doing nothing

becoming violent
but preserve nothing

being corrupt
but regretting nothing

speaking harshly
but sensing nothing

begetting morals
but follow nothing

being one’s self
is more than nothing.

–K.G. Bethlehem

(above picture from Milton Davis “Amber and the Hidden City”

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