New Year Greetings & New Project underway…

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it was enjoyable and at least everyone is thankful for seeing another year. Another year of hopes, dreams success, failures, trials, and love…


I am very much appreciate of everyone and everybody who support my blog, I truly enjoyed the conversations I had throughout this year. But mostly I enjoyed the art,writings/musing, advice, self-disclosures and creativity. This year was a rough one at times but reading and conversing with such interesting people and works made it a lot smoother at times.

This blog other purpose was give everyone a heads up for the new upcoming book….


The setting of 2025; a anti-utopia in which the Planet Earth was expending its space exploration and also dealing with the transformation of society as a whole to the new order. Unfortunately with such grand dreams one or the population as an whole could pay a price..

A forbidding war with an enemy they barely understood.

Allies and foes who interchange with each like unstable spring weather.

A journey of moderate to heavy action but a deep rooted physiological nature unbalance that didn’t help the solve the question of human involvement in the universe.

Or could they at least handle their own problems, on their own home front, in their solar system..

in their nation of community.

Look for it in the next few months; more clues will be given but fear not; this is not an standard book of science fiction.

And it never was intended to be.

(original character born from the creative mind of a great St. Louis artist; Leonard Taylor III & original story/plot created and written by K. G. Bethlehem. Book title/characters copyrighted 2010).

4 thoughts on “New Year Greetings & New Project underway…

    1. thank you sharimishtha..,

      as for the picture i wish lol.. i can’t draw or paint to save my life but i use two pictures and combine them with the help of photoshop; the elements version i might add.

      thanks for the compliant, i’m glad it came out ok :o)


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