humble yet reason…


All of us at times need to take a step back and evaluate our positions and be open for change….

As long as that change is for progression of community as well as self, both aren’t mutual exclusive but a balance must be ensure for a justifiable ends to deep rooted issues at hands. Long roads travel begins with pride-less vision.


6 thoughts on “humble yet reason…

  1. Hello, I got here because you came to visit me. I am so glad you left a footprint so that I could find you. To see this post on this particular day was exactly what I needed. Best ~ HuntMode


    1. thanks you kindly for the words! i enjoyed your writings and i glad you enjoyed mines. writer, heck people in general need daily encouragement so if my words help or made a small difference, i am very honored. and again honored you are following me. see you around and write, write, teach, eat, write, sleep then you know lol


  2. KG, I support your vision for change as stated, and would throw in some common sense as well. It is so true how people react when their core believes are questioned, attacked or proven fallible. For these, a true need of self-sense is needed, an ability to adjust, to reconcile beliefs and accept change before they can move forward, or for that matter any direction. I have truly enjoyed what you have shared. Please take care and be safe. – Bill – btw again thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my current post “How I Feel Today 12.27.13.”


    1. thank you very much. after reading your post it is really a great thing that there are still progressive, emphatic minds in the world today. future is definitely brighter with people like you walking the earth. very serious on that statement. as one of my favorite video characters “Three-Dog” of the Fallout 3 fame would say, “Continue to fight—the good fight!”


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