Friday Night Poetry Corner #8


Getting back to poetry again, the first few poems were old, high school stuff from 1991 to 1993. The one about mountain climbing was in college, 1996 I believe. So I will stay in that range for a bit, that time in my life where I was left wondering for the answer..


So enough rambling, this poem is part of a three part series. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments good and bad.

All is welcome…

yeah seriously all is welcome :o)

Oh this is Friday Night Poetry Corner # 8 edition!!!!! Keep it live baby!

What a day

a point of return I thought was gone
as the men approached the dome
gather of thoughts and mishaps
the man with the gun was found

sound of terror filled Dante’s hell
the agony of pain was the winner
mad drama was on the horizon
as faith was shaken by fear

an average afternoon at the bank
an average day of receiving money
greed defeated the norm
as the man stuck his gun in my face

no more of this as the sirens blast
eruption of police filled the building
the plot was foiled at last
the devil lost at my expense

so much anguish,
I see
dim lights,
forever in my eyes,
people’s hearts
show the terror

if I could, if I could, if I could, if I could, if I could….


6 thoughts on “Friday Night Poetry Corner #8

  1. Hey, kg – not sure if the comment went through ok with my phone?? Anyway, this “faith was shaken by fear is far too relevant today. I’m listening & keep writing. Artworks your originals? Nice.


    1. Oh yea i got it (hate using the phone myself but desperate times calls for desperate measures eh?)

      Thanks a lot for the kind words; appreciate you taking the time just to read, visit, and converse for a few. fear is very apparent in our world today; too much fear breeds anger and Yoda would had been losing his mind if he was real.

      Art work, oh no the web address underneath the pic is where i got it from. my artwork is just a step above “stick figures.”


      1. Cool, bro. Stop by the site and pick up a free book copy. It’s a weekender. Feel free to review if u like as well. Enjoy the fam & holiday!


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