Friday Night Poetry Corner #7 (Perfect Number)

Hey everyone!

It is very, and I mean very cold up here. Snow is predicted for tomorrow but unfortunately, my friends and peoples from my hometown of St. Louis, MO are getting hit with it now…

Not us in Washington D.C.

But forgoing the lack luster amateur weather report here is another addition of:




Yep, yep and more yep. This week will be an old, well at least 5yrs old poem called—–

derelict walking

Am I alive?
Am I still breathing?
A realm of survival struggles
with me; as swords
clashes with shields
aggression clashes
with protection.
I see what I
want to see.
I trust nothing
without my favor
Am I alive; if
so I am still

Thanks again for stopping by and if it is cold where you are at; have a black coffee and cigarillo on me.

11 thoughts on “Friday Night Poetry Corner #7 (Perfect Number)

    1. I hope not and I just empty that box a few days ago. I thought a approved all of yours in the past. Will check and sorry if they were in spam. They shouldn’t be. Please cont to post, always welcome your thoughts…


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