Friday Night Poetry Corner #4

Greetings again and this time may I apologized for being now—2 days late for another entry in—

Friday Night Poetry Corner!!!

Well, I was in another state visiting a good friend and really had no way to a computer. So with all the excuses out the way lets get down to business. Again if anyone wants their poems posted or want me to re-blogged a poem from your blog please email me at

This work here is a very old poem. I wrote this back when I was a student at St. Louis University, year 1995. I was in the “Intro Into Poetry” which was taught by an energetic yet great professor: Dr. Georgia Johnston who taught me the art of writing poems without rhyme. Great class.

Any note here today is the poem entitle: Patrol. Hope you enjoy and thanks again for stopping by and supporting an up and coming surrealist…



I remember through rainy days
we march up the hill
the enemy was nearby
waiting for us to die

Young man who were trained to kill
even before they were able to drink beer
but the enemy was nearby
waiting for us to die

We hike five miles in almost half of a day
not knowing when we were going to eat
but as soon as we set up camp
ate and slept on the ground that was damp

I miss my mom and father too
I miss my girl if I had one
I never shot a gun before I came here
but I never killed a man before I came here

Ambush,” oh no several men were dead
as other men ran away
friends died on that trail
hopefully avoiding hell

We went back to the camp defeated and hurt
our belief in this country tarnish and broken
don’t worry about us Vietcong nearby
in our minds we already died.

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