Profile on Dr. Simeon Africanus of WISK (Western Institute of Science and Knowledge

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Greetings everyone, it is I, K.G. Bethlehem writing another blog entry, roughly 1am where I am sitting.

Let me start with the basic profile:

SCAF code file#Classified

Name: Simeon Africanus(Doctor of Astrophysics, Biology, Advanced Mathematics and Cellular Biology)

Age: 36 years old

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland (Parents moved from United Eastern Africa)

Birth parents: Dr. Gerard & Dr. Trinity Africanus

Height: 6’0

Weight: 163lbs

Hair style: Bald; no facial hair

Hair color: N/A

Eye color: Sea Green

Alert Status for file: None

Below is a brief summary of Dr. Africanus but after the summary is a passage from the book. With a personality such as Africanus, just writing about his profile and brief history would not do him any justice.

Dr. Simeon Africanus was a child prodigy at the age of 7 with a great insight into mathematics and physical sciences. Always rank 1st in all of his classes during…

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