Sneak Peek of Chapter 3; Avenging Knights Rebirth of Lost Honor (ROLH)

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Here is part of a chapter from my first book Avenging Knights “Rebirth of Lost Honor.” The group of knights, just found out one of their friends are missing while the other one is hurt and unconscious. They mostly are trying to figure out what is going on and why someone would attack their friends without sound reasoning. Unbeknownst to them they are part of a conspiracy in which they are the target from an authority unseen…..

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The path continued for an eternity as Sharpstar and the others rolled
to meet up with Razorblade. Th e clash of metal against the ground,
giving voice to the rollorbot’s lower gears. Even though this was the
newest model of rollorbots, the travel was less to be desire of. Th e
pattern underneath was nearly supported for rough roads. More of
the reason most travelers still used horses or even their feet. Most of the
knights hated this way of traveling but one despised it even more.

“I hate open transport, my stomach is feeling the pains of this
ungodly rutted road.”

“Relax Colorcode,” reacted Sunick Gurl who was use to traveling by
transport in her early days of death missions. “We’re nearly there.”

The peaceful warrior Colorcode, whose birth name was Azulrun sat
impatiently in the back as the rollorbot continued its journey on the
winding trail. He was from a hidden tribe which resided in the Kemeitc
Woods of 4th Lebos. His society was so advanced in human capability
that his people had the ability to blend themselves in with the natural
environment. They were a peaceful culture that shunned dealings with
outsiders, but they had sent Colorcode from their seclusion out to
meet the threat of an impending danger that clouded 4th Lebos. Th e
humble knight stood 5’9” and weighed around 160lbs. He had curly
blond hair and blue eyes with olive skin. His weapon of choice was the
Evening Sword; a remarkable weapon that changes colors depending
on the surroundings. A master of camouflage and a brilliant fighter
in his own right, he bears the burden of finding out what troubles the
natural order of their world.

The rollorbot lead the knights to an evening start as the sun had
begun its slumber for another day of questionable reasoning. Sharpstar
sat up for the entire ride, thinking and hoping their missing companion
would be found.

“If she’s not in fair spirits, is this not folly?” pondered Sharpstar to
himself. “I just wonder….”

“Just about there sir,” cried Dogsircore, interrupting Sharpstar’s

Good. Everyone ready your weapons, just in case.”

“Sir, I’m perplexed, as powerful as Mela is, how in the world could
anything capture her and hold her confined?” questioned Dogsircore.

“That is also a question I have been pondering for the past hour,”
Sunick Gurl retorted. “My guess is a conic prison holds her at bay.”

“Conic prison,” asked Sharpstar curiously?

“It’s mostly used to surpress spellcasters’ powers, and it’s very
effective,” Sunick Gurl explained. “I used it in past dealings with rouge
witches in the southern half of Lebos. By Morf ’s grace, Sharpstar, you
better know theses things if you face a class-preme spellcaster.”

The rollorbot slowed and stopped abruptly from Dogsircore’s
mental command. Th e knights jumped out with swords and guns
ready in their hands. Dogsircore bore his sliver bono rifle, Colorcode
had his sword, Sunick Gurl had her short red blades, and Sharpstar
held his sword in one hand, and a giant crimson star in the other. Th e
company of knights spread through the area across about twenty yards
and began scanning for Razorblade. Sharpstar looked fiercely towards
some hanging vegetation near a crowd of brown rocks many feet away
to see the knight leaning up against one of them.

“Man, I thought I had to take an hour drowse,” cried Razorblade

“Amusing,” responded a not so enthused Sharpstar. “What’s your

“Nothing in the area, I searched all around and found no signs
of Mela. All I could find were burned trees and deceased bodies of
horrible creatures.”

“Morf ’s might,” considered Sharpstar to himself. “Could this be
one of the creatures I slayed the other night?” He quickly snapped out
of his reverie as the smell of burned remains fi lled the air with a fowl
substance. “Show me a body, Raz.”

Razorblade walked ahead and the others followed behind in tepid
curiosity. Th e valiant knight stopped near the blackened corpses still
smoking from an attack some time ago.

“That looks sort of like the creature from before,” cried Sharpstar.
Colorcode turned to his right and spotted some other bodies.

“There are some more creatures impaled by arrows, by Morf this
must had been a terrible battle,” spoke an astounded Colorcode.

“Looks like Indigo took a lot of them out.”

“Better take some pictures before we leave,” muttered Sunick Gurl.

“They should provide some clues to whats going on.”

While Sunick Gurl took pictures of the dead creatures with the
flash consponder Dogsircore strolled towards Sharpstar and Razorblade
with an uncertain look on his face.

“Answer me this, were Indigo and Mela handling a meeting with
the neighboring village of Gaiety?”

Sharpstar quickly turned his head away from Razorblade.

“Sunick Gurl, Colorcode stop with the pictures for now,” he yelled.
He walked closer to his second in command before turning to the
others. “Everyone, let’s move out!

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