Friday Poetry Corner Part 1…

Greetings and all that jazz…..

I am starting today—-Friday Poetry Corner!!

Well, mostly it will just be my poem but here is an idea. If you have a poem you would like to share; just email me at and I will put the best 5 up on my page either on Friday or the following day (just in case my hours at work extend past normalcy). Also remember I might just put all my submissions up anyways (love exposing poetry for everyone to see).

Also if you have a word-press blog and would like for me to re-blogged your poem that will work too.

Okay, with that out of the way——-

(rock climbing on Mt. Yeng)

the fictional Mt. Yeng..
the fictional Mt. Yeng..

she climbed as she spoke
her joints lock towards submission of grace

last line of defense was inspired
section around her small waist

shoes, I meant boots grind the open rocks
snug, sharp cuts echo on scorn rubber,

her blood was dried to exhaustion,
matched the same color as solid nature

she yelled, “Belay On!”
holders of life responded kind

courage was very outspoken during her plight
space was sovereign under her might,

longing struggle was here,
fear was ever so clear

near the top of the rock
beginning of pleasurable egoism

she conquer,
nature lost
her fame begun throughout the land
while ego expand.

She screamed “On Belay!”
her foot stop outwards
and broke the plane
of existing space.


Female rock climber rappelling.

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