Conversations within the unknown… A second look at BloodOath

peekings of an anti-villain of a sorts…

shadowkill city


Greetings everyone!


Here is another excerpt from Shadow Within a City; this time the inner conflict and thoughts of BloodOath. Even a villain has times of peace or does he??


Or is the answer really peace is decide by ones own confront level of dis attachment from self?



You decide and enjoy…





The dim light of the lair was a comfort; hallways filled with smoke as the sound of typing were heard. The daily operations went undisturbed. Even when he worked with Gangland, his underling commanders ran the Ghost Squad assignments. They reported to him only if anything is amiss, which seldom happened. He sat back down after closing his door. Turned off the lights, and lit a candle, giving a grim glimpse of a portrait on the wall—A picture of his father; at times he uttered curses at it…

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