Classic conflict confuses the communicator in concreting consistent content…

Oh Odo, why did you do it...Why?!
Oh Odo, why did you do it…Why?!

A thought for a moment, “Why do they always betray the ones they love?”

I think about this as every epic story of a protagonist and an antagonist collide with each other at the eventual climax. Even towards the end when the hero or heroine triumphs over the enemy sometimes their past relationship plays an important part.

“What if they were lovers who became foes?”

I am pretty sure that you can count the number of books you read, shows you watch on television as well as the countless movies you viewed with that very same theme. The protagonist wins out at the end but at what cost?

Here is where I am going with this, what if the lover betrays the companion due to an national crisis that would had been avoided without resulting in the lover’s death? Now including the lover’s demise this would had shown a quicker and better way to resolve the situation lets say, save 500 more lives than before. (out of the million that would had been saved anyway).

How would you write this or would you even care about such a scenario?

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