SWAC (Shadow Within A City) Ex-File #13

Taken from a hidden NAF vault in sector 37 (Midwest City)

shadowkill city

Thank you everyone for visiting our page again!  Shadow Within a City is the new anti-utopia, crime drama, sci-fi, fantasy, novel on SALE at this very moment!

The increase in emails of people wanting to have a sneak peek within the book is heard loudly and today that wish will be granted.  Also realize that if you look through the prior posts we added a couple of passages from the book as well.  Here today is another sneak peak in Shadow Within a City.  Enjoy and thanks for inquiring, supporting, and appreciating all arts as a whole!

Chapter Eight Into The Lair










Midwest City Police Headquarters: Lt. Simms Office


Due to the unorthodoxed, and sometimes reckless, destructive behavior and tactics of Ghost Squad, Lieutenant Simms had received an rather unpleasant scolding from Chief Jones ordering the after-hours unit to…

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