shadowkill city

Greetings everyone!!!

Yes it has been a very long time. Shadow Within the City is on its way back out with new additions!! Be ready for excitement around everyone corner along with some new drawings from F. Kenneth Taylor and a couple of special features from Joel “Yoel” Charles of St. Louis, MO. Along with the editing of Tanya Daniel and book placement of again F. Kenneth Taylor, Shadow Within The City will make heads turns…

Look for—

• New sections which includes a more detail background in the storyline of Midwest City and NAF (Northern Atlantic Front); written by K.G. Bethlehem and F. Kenneth Taylor.
• Great drawings from creative genius F. Kenneth Taylor along with special artwork from co-creator of ShadowKill (comic book series) Joel “Yoel” Charles of St. Louis, MO
• New editing from Tanya Daniel; added much detail in the writing.
• Great book placement and…

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